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Sports Federations are a fundamental element and key delivery agency for sport across the globe. There is now an ever more dynamic and fast-moving environment around their operations and the needs of their members, athletes, and stakeholders. Strategies need to be responsive to these demands, and federations need to be flexible, agile, and constantly evolving if they want to thrive and deliver sustained impact.



We serve International and National Federations across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia



Portas has worked with a wide variety of stakeholders, from International and National Federations, across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Portas Consulting grew out of extensive work across the federation landscape and is grounded in years of client engagement and advisory experience with senior leaders within the sport, combining insight-driven, analytical capabilities to support these leaders and their organisations through a strategic transformation process and change.



We help federations define the framework for a national pathway, supporting processes and enablers to identify, develop and sustain a healthy pipeline of talent necessary to excel internationally.

We help federations analyse the landscape of sports participation, define strategies across all levers (e.g. programmes, facilities, workforce), and drive growth. And we help to build the case for increased funding in grassroots sports and highlight its role in achieving broader social, economic, and health outcomes.

We support in the design and implementation of organisations to deliver national strategic ambitions and define the modes of engagement between various stakeholders such as federations, leagues, clubs and public entities.

We review sports federations' strategic objectives and needs, and design a fit-for-purpose operating model that serves those needs 

We work with federations, rights owners, and investors to maximise the value of their assets, understand the value of their commercial rights and in the strategic planning and evaluation of marquee events.

We help design  the most effective and innovative sporting contests

We help federations integrate a targeted approach for driving gender equality in sport

We help IFs support their member / national federations through investment, products and services to enable the global growth of the sport


Our practice leaders and topic experts have a unique perspective and a practical view that we bring to every client relationship

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