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Supporting the Growth of Saudi Arabia’s Equestrian Industry 

We assisted the federation on the creation of a new company to deliver their upcoming event pipeline. 

The challenge…  

The Kingdom aims to become a leading player on the equestrian world stage. 

To do so, SAEF has established a new events company which will be responsible for delivering the Kingdom’s 6-year major equestrian event pipeline. 

We were tasked with supporting the creation of the new entity and aiding the preparations for the Kingdom’s series of new equestrian events. 

The approach… 

We began by outlining the strategy for the new entity, including its legal and delivery structure. We designed an organisational structure to support this strategy and contributed to the recruitment of the enterprise’s inaugural employees.  

We highlighted the opportunities and benefits of hosting a leading equestrian event series, and subsequently supported negotiations with a rights holder for a hosting agreement in Riyadh. 

The impact… 

We supported the full incorporation of the new company, including hiring senior employees. We also onboarded event management vendors for upcoming events, ensuring the whole entity was aligned towards the company vision. 

We finalised the negotiation of a deal with a global equestrian series, including the awarding of funding. 

The newly created entity will enable the federation to embark on its major event series with strong leadership and a clear strategy. 

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