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Shaping National Sports Policymaking in Singapore

We have developed a long-term partnership with Sports Singapore to shape the nation’s sports policy through data and insights.

The challenge…

How could Singapore get its citizens more active? This is the question that we have been supporting Sport Singapore with since 2018, as part of our Active Citizens Worldwide (ACW) programme.

Singapore was a founding city in ACW. We launched ACW to provide policymakers with a deep, systematic understanding of the drivers and outcomes of physical activity. It is built on statistical analysis and global benchmarking. ACW identifies where investments will work hardest and quantifies the economic and societal return for a more active city.

The approach…

This is a highly collaborative project. We work continuously with Sport Singapore’s  leadership teams to understand and diagnose the current landscape.

This includes ongoing analysis of drivers and outcomes of physical activity, using advanced analytics to generate fact-based insights on sport participation in the country.

We have provided expert guidance on strategic objectives and developed in-depth research and analysis to inform policies.

To enhance insights and data capabilities, we have worked side-by-side with Sport Singapore’s data teams to ensure effective skills and knowledge transfer along the way.

The impact…

As a result of our work on ACW, Sport Singapore can more effectively communicate the social and economic value of sport and physical activity, supporting their decisions on policy and investment.

By quantifying the drivers and outcomes of physical activity, Sport Singapore are better able to optimise their public investment into sports facilities and programmes to achieve national goals.

Furthermore, as a direct result of the ACW project, Sport Singapore have led the way with innovative planning metrics such as social interaction hours to identify what activities offer the greatest social and community impact.

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