General Sports Authority & Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee

Case and strategy for making sports and physical activity a part of daily life for all Saudis.

In light of low levels of physical activity and high prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the Government of Saudi Arabia recognised the need for greater focus on sports and physical activity.

We created a new strategy to increase participation in sport and physical activity in KSA by focusing on 8 areas of improvement with a detailed 3-year delivery plan.

The new strategy achieved a Government investment of $880M into grassroots sport over the next 5 years as part of the National Transformation Programme and Vision2030.  There have already been many achievements including for the first time in the nation’s history a license process for women’s gyms.

Portas have done a world class job. The depth of analysis and research was fantastic. Their detailed, evidence-led approach and deep understanding of our situation, enabled us to provide the government exactly what they were looking for.
Saudia Arabia Olympic Committee - Vice President)

Our approach

We established a robust fact base through the first comprehensive national survey (12,500+ interviews), hundreds of interviews covering all key stakeholder groups (Ministries, Corporates, Federations) and the review of 100+ research documents.

We reviewed learnings and best practice from many other countries allowing us to conduct a dimensional analysis of the local situation and international learnings.  We syndicated and aligned the new national strategy with many stakeholders including Ministries, Sports Federations and Corporates

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