British Rowing

Detailed business and implementation plan to empower British Rowing to achieve impact.

With new loosely defined strategic objectives, British Rowing needed a plan to deliver the strategy through greater collaboration and communication throughout the organisation.

We achieved buy-in of staff and Senior Management into the new strategic plan and developed a communication plan around a new defined vision and mission. 

We developed a detailed implementation masterplan and helped to assign responsibilities for each activity. The masterplan included 230+ existing, refined and new activities and a tracking and monitoring system with dashboards.

Thank you for all the input you and your team have provided…there will no doubt be further discussions and communications. It has been a pleasure working with you all.
BR Chairman)

Our approach

We conducted a rigorous, detailed, collaborative and consultative process including 5 workshops with 60+ staff members and interviews with c.25 leaders and staff to identify ongoing activities and address the gaps in the strategy.

We also reviewed and captured commercial and communication best practices from other national governing bodies.

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