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Formula E

Developing strategic recommendations for the Diriyah E-Prix and providing expert support throughout the planning and delivery of the event in the following year.

Portas was engaged to review the inaugural Diriyah E-Prix and to provide recommendations to improve following editions of the event in subsequent years.  We were then further engaged to provide strategic support in the planning and delivery of the next edition of the event, including to help implement and benefit from the identified recommendations.


  • Interviewed over 50 stakeholders involved in the delivery of the inaugural event to gather data, insights, feedback and learnings.
  • Designed and developed the organisation structure, governance models, commercial strategy and operational processes for the next event.
  • Supported the planning and implementation by assisting on RFP development, proposal evaluation, vendor and staff onboarding, etc.


  • Developed 60+ recommendations for the following edition.
  • Increased ticket sales by 110% and ticketing revenue by 91% in the following year.
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