Defining the vision, mission and strategy of an esports federation to ensure a long-term sustainable future for esports in Saudi Arabia

We supported SAFEIS, the Saudi Arabian Federation of Electronic and Intellectual Sports, in developing a long-term strategy for esports in the Kingdom, to become a global leader in esports, and to use esports as a vehicle for youth engagement and economic opportunity

We developed a detailed strategy for the federation identifying 26 key recommendations. We outlined key objectives, targets and timelines for the federation to track progress.

SAFEIS have since been able to attract investment from government and the private sector, host high profile esports events, and facilitate the grassroots gaming community

Our approach:

Understanding the state of play

  • We carried out extensive international and local research to understand the local and global esports and gaming market
  • We developed a national esports survey to facilitate a greater understanding of the local market
  • We analysed trends within the esports and wider gaming ecosystem in KSA, the region and globally, to identify SAFEIS’s role
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