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Talal Kabbani


Recently, I have worked on:​

A project to support a national Olympic committee develop a holistic federations transformation program and achieve sporting and organizational excellence. As part of the project, I interacted with more than 35 federations, understood their challenges and aspirations, and worked with our client on a 5-year plan to support their ambitions.  ​

Ask me anything about:​

Sports federations! I have developed a good understanding of the role of federations and the grand impact they can have on the local sporting landscape. I also support the Portas federations practice in knowledge codification and business development.​

The thing I enjoy most about working in the sports sector is:​

Impact and excitement! We all love playing sports, attending a sporting event, and seeing our favorite team or player win a game. Working in this industry - with a friendly team and passionate clients - brings out the same excitement and allows me to see firsthand the impact sports can have on society.​

You would never guess:​

I can drink a cup of coffee at 11 PM and still sleep a few minutes later. I may be insensitive to caffeine, but I still love coffee!​