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General Sports Authority

Community sports groups social media campaign.

Increasing sport and physical activity are seen as integral to transforming Saudi society and its economy. Community sports groups have been recognised as having a key role in this transformation.

We developed a three phase plan for community sports groups, which included the registration process, social media campaign and a final education and awareness phase.

We delivered a hashtag campaign that achieved a reach of over 9 million Twitter accounts. and through that have commenced a period of development and expansion of groups in the Kingdom.

We are hand in hand with you in realising Vision 2030 and creating a #healthy_sporty_society. Thank you for your support and recognition.
Jeddah Cyclists

Our approach:

We analysed all the available data and information, and conducted interviews with existing community groups to draw insights into Saudi Arabia’s community sports group landscape.

Using a base of 165 registered community groups, we launched a hugely successful social media campaign of showcasing sporting activities in KSA.

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